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If you’re studying a technology-related, maths or languages degree, our placements offer a diverse range of opportunities to develop your skills on real projects. Projects that you’re unlikely to encounter anywhere else. Whichever placement you apply for you’ll gain unparalleled research, development and project experience. In addition to subject specialist knowledge you will be developing communication skills, working as part of a team and getting insights into an environment that is unique and dynamic. It’s the perfect way to develop your individual passions and interests, and to decide where your future career might lie. Right now, we have the following opportunities for students:



    We use some of the world’s most advanced technologies to help protect the UK’s people, businesses and interests against a variety of online threats. It’s an exciting, challenging and stimulating technical environment where you’ll be involved in a variety of rare and unique projects, covering the full range of software, hardware and networks. And you’ll also be working with – and learning from – some of the country’s leading technical experts.
    We offer a number of technology schemes for people who are studying relevant degree subjects such as Computer Science, Electronics, Engineering, Information Technology, Information Assurance, Information Security, Physics, Software Engineering or Telecommunications:

    Summer placement – 11 weeks’ paid work between your penultimate and final years.

    Two-year summer placement – up to 22 weeks’ paid work in the last two summers of your degree course.

    Your Industry Year – we have limited places available for applicants, who wish to have a period of 51 week industry placement as part of their degree. Placement starts in September, every year.


    GCHQ is one of the few non-academic centres where you can use, stretch and develop your maths research skills in a real world setting. That’s why we look for committed mathematicians who are expecting a 1st class honours degree in maths, or a joint honours with maths as the main component, and who want to continue advanced mathematical research into their career. Join us and you could be working with some of the country’s leading mathematical minds and involved in a range of work, such as:

    • Investigating cryptographic algorithms
    • Identifying and modelling challenging data sets
    • Demodulating digital signals received over noisy channels
    • Assessing the security of software applications and protocols
    • Designing and maintaining robust data handling software
    • Implementing maths algorithms on a high performance computer
    • Developing novel mathematical techniques.

    To apply you’ll need to have completed two years of your degree. You must also include a letter from your professor, senior tutor or head of department confirming your expected final degree result.


    If you’re a Computer Science, Physics, Engineering or Maths student or on a closely related course our ten week Cyber Insights Summer School will give you unique insights into all aspects of cyber. Working with a variety of technologies from legacy systems to cutting edge mobile, you’ll learn from world-leading GCHQ and industry cyber experts. It’s an exciting, challenging and intellectually stimulating experience where you’ll add to your technical skills in a range of areas, such as ethical hacking, securing networks and testing the strengths and weaknesses of operating systems. You’ll also discover the unique ways we use technology to defend the UK from cyber attack. And in the final week of the programme you’ll have the chance to put your new skills into action in a real-time ‘Capture the Flag’ cyber challenge.

    All we require is that you’re graduating between summer 2017-2020 and on course to earn a minimum 2:2 degree in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering or Maths, a combination thereof or a closely related course.  You should also be passionate about technology and have outstanding problem-solving skills.  You’ll need the ability to programme in at least one language from, Java, C (including C++), Perl, JavaScript or Python.  During the programme, you’ll receive approx £250 per week (this will be paid in arrears) and free accommodation. At its end, we’ll present you with a certificate to show you’ve completed a cyber course with the UK’s recognised experts. All Summer School students will also have the option to be interviewed for either a place on future technology schemes or for a permanent role as a Computer Network Operations Specialist.


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  • CyberFirst

    CyberFirst has been established to identify, support and develop the young cyber talent the UK will need in the cyber age.

    Today, our lives are heavily dependent on making connections and transactions in cyberspace. This means there has never been a greater need for young talented people with strong cyber skills to help protect the UK’s people, society and way of life.

    CyberFirst is a key part of the UK government’s National Cyber Security Programme, covering a broad range of activities designed to identify and support talented young people through their education and to highlight exciting career opportunities in cyber. 

  • Summer Language Placements

    On these 11-week paid summer schemes, you’ll develop your comprehensive Russian, Mandarin, Persian or Arabic language skills in one of our intelligence analysis teams. As well as being coached by highly skilled Language Analysts, you’ll receive more formal language training. It’s about getting involved in activities such as drafting intelligence reports, translating a variety of foreign language material and delivering briefings to your team and others.

    We’re looking for current undergraduates in either Russian, Mandarin, Persian or Arabic who have completed their year abroad and are on track to develop the high-level language skills we need. 

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