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knowledge & Information Management

It is an exciting time to be a Knowledge and Information Manager at GCHQ.

As the threats to our country become increasingly complex, the challenges we face are constantly evolving. As a large and diverse organisation, the ways we need to work are changing, and as both an intelligence agency and a government department, the need to demonstrate our professionalism and integrity remain vitally important to us.

That is why GCHQ values our Knowledge and Information Management professionals. How we manage, protect, and use our knowledge and information is at the very heart of everything we do – and we are looking for people who want to join our team and help us meet these challenges.

Ensuring GCHQ has the high quality information services it needs requires a range of Knowledge and Information Management skills and expertise. This means we are able to offer an exciting, diverse, and challenging work environment where you’ll enjoy the scope to focus on a deep specialism or seek broader, more varied projects.

As an employer we are committed to helping our Knowledge and Information Managers develop their skills and build successful careers. We value professional knowledge and skills and see your continual professional development as essential for us to be successful.

We very much value different working styles, but are looking for people who enjoy a strong, supportive team working environment, are excited by new challenges, and are committed to helping GCHQ make the most effective use of its information.



GCHQ’s Information Specialists lead on enabling effective information management across the department. Our teams are described below.

Knowledge & Information Management teams

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I am treated with respect by the people I work with

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KIM Advisory & Archives

We are responsible for providing support to the Department on any information and records management enquiries. Customer service is at the core of this role and we liaise with many different teams in the course of our work, including other Information Management teams, technical support, and customer enquiries from across the Department. The team is also responsible for managing GCHQ’s Archives, ensuring effective management of our hard copy records and responding to enquiries about our historical record.

Examples of the work may include:

  • Providing a high quality enquiry service to users to deal with queries they have relating to physical records and helping customers manage the lifecycle of their records
  • Advising and supporting users on information access management queries
  • Advising on best use of our Electronic Document Records Management system (eDRM) and general best practice information and records management guidance.

Web & Social Business

We facilitate the effective management of information; the ability to easily store, find and securely share information. That is vital to the work of GCHQ across our intranet.

We support users working across platforms hosting knowledge and information that are crucial to the day to day running of GCHQ. We offer advice and guidance on where and how best to host information to reach specific audiences and maximise impact. We have overall responsibility for:

  • Our Web Content Management System (WCMS)
  • Our main collaboration and knowledge management platform
  • Our web applications including video hosting and directories.

Our team is responsible for the delivery of the intranet service, including information management and architecture, policy, standards, guidelines, and community management to support the development and sharing of knowledge across GCHQ. We empower GCHQ communities to work together and collaborate.

As well as supporting users we work with technical teams to ensure our systems run smoothly, and to enhance functionality and user experience. We make sure information management is considered in every aspect of the planning and delivery of our intranet.

As a member of the Web team you’ll enjoy keeping ahead of trends in the outside world and applying them inside GCHQ. You’ll be working with your colleagues every day to come up with innovative solutions to information management challenges that require you to be flexible in your thinking and open to new technologies.

Records & Information Management

Roles in the R&IM team are focused around ensuring that our records management systems are fit for purpose and that staff are able to use them effectively. There are roles embedded across the business that support the records and information management work in their local area and the R&IM team provides training to these points of contact (POCs) and supports them on complex queries that they are not able to answer.

We work closely with Technical Support to ensure that any developments on the systems meet records management and customer requirements as much as possible, and team members are also involved in user acceptance testing when changes are made. The R&IM team also provides support to the KIM Advisory team on in-depth questions relating to records management processes and new customer requirements.

As well as providing training for our network of POCs, the R&IM team is also involved in improving understanding of good practice in records and information management and ensuring staff understand the importance of records management and their responsibilities. The team is responsible for delivering training, preparing training materials and guidance, and promoting these, including updates relating to any changes to records systems and impacts on the end user.

The R&IM team also works closely with other areas of the Department such as Information Policy and Legislation to ensure we are meeting our obligations in protecting and managing this information effectively.

Secure Information Management

We provide consultancy and advice to enable the right people to see the right information, ensuring our information and knowledge are securely managed and exploited. We provide the framework, guidance and tools to make this happen.

We work with people across the department to develop a good understanding of their working practices and their requirements for sharing and collaboration. Our team members are problem solvers, we balance priorities, and we work together to respond to the challenge of managing competing demands.

Information Legislation

We manage all of GCHQ’s information legislation work, such as that related to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).

As a team member, you will be involved in advising other government departments on how to respond to FOIA requests involving our equity, handle Subject Access Requests under DPA 2018, provide advice to staff on information legislation matters, and lead on the review of historical files intended for release to the public. You need a keen eye for detail, good people skills, strong contribution to delivery, and analysis and decision-making skills.  You need to be able to interpret the law and policy, and be able to cope with ambiguity and complexity. Expertise in information legislation is not essential although a background in policy, legal or information management is highly desirable for these roles.

Information Assurance

Our information managerswork closely with our policy and technical communities, including those developing systems design principles. We help GCHQ embed effective information management and “data protection by design” at every level, influencing how information is managed across some of the largest data volumes, complexities and sensitivities of any organisation in Europe.

We value strong technical skills and an approach to delivery which can both manage and actively shape the information demands of the mission.

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