Computer Network Operations

We hack the computers of terrorists
to disrupt their plans.

Computer Network Operations

At GCHQ, we keep the UK safe from various threats. As part of this, we work tirelessly against ever-evolving cyber-threats. The sort of crimes that have the potential to manipulate national systems, co-ordinate terror plots and completely shut down the UK’s infrastructure. There are endless malicious possibilities, which is why our work is so creative and advanced. This way, we can hack the computers of terrorists and criminals to disrupt their plans.

Under strict legal safeguards, we have the scope to do things that wouldn’t be allowed elsewhere. Not many people have the ability to access information systems and networks in the way you will here. It means that when you join our Computer Network Operations team, you really will challenge your skills. 

Computer Network operations specialist roles

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I am interested in my work

My manager is considerate of my life outside work

I am treated with respect by the people I work with

I am proud when I tell others I am part of GCHQ

I understand how the work of GCHQ makes a difference to the UK


Computer Network Operations

Using your reverse engineering, penetration testing and intrusion detection skills, you’ll support national security objectives and hack the computers of terrorists and criminals to disrupt their plans. With world-class training and support, you’ll have all the tools required to carry out vital tasks like accessing the computers of terrorist groups, retrieving vital clues about organised crime rings and analysing malicious code.

We are looking for people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, from university graduates to professionals. To join us, you’ll have a natural intuition and be curious about technology, computer networks and security, and want to make a real difference to the UK. Motivated, determined and proactive, you’ll keep up with changing technologies and look at problems in creative ways. 

Cyber Insights Summer School 2018 - Cheltenham

GCHQ is keen to invest in enhancing your talent and Cyber skills. On our Summer School, you’ll get real Insights into how GCHQ uses innovative technologies and get the chance to see how your passion for technology could help protect the UK. This is unique and exciting opportunity for students considering a future career in intelligence.

You’ll be paid £250 per week (based on attendance) for the ten-week course and we’ll also provide accommodation. If you show us you have the aptitude and attitude we're looking for we may offer you the chance to join another of our development programmes or even a job.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive training and development package that will include world-class cyber experts delivering interactive lectures and workshops and practical learning through application, in a supportive and modern learning environment.

All we require is that you’re graduating between summers 2019-2022 with a minimum 2:2 degree in Computer Science, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Physics, Engineering, Maths, Natural Sciences or a Joint Honours degree with one of these subjects. You’ll have a natural aptitude for problem solving, and be able to write basic code in at least one computer language e.g. C, Python, Java or MatLab. You will also need an interest in a number of relevant cyber-focused areas (e.g. programming, networking, online security).

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